Staff member saves customer's life

Emma is a new member of staff who, upon induction, was trained in Basic Life Support.

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This was crucial as she later witnessed one of Essex Cares Ltd's (ECL) customers choking whilst she was on a visit to their home as a Community Care Assistant.

Emma sprung into action and, using her skills learnt from ECL's Basic Life Support training, carried out the abdominal thrust technique.

She was able to dislodge the object stuck within the customer’s throat, saving their life!

Immediately after, Emma called 999 who quickly sent paramedics to the scene. They only had gleaming praise for her quick thinking and life saving actions.

The customer was taken to hospital for a checkup where it was later confirmed that she had suffered no broken ribs or liver damage as a result of the abdominal thrusts.

The customer returned home after the visit to hospital.

My job is brilliant, I am so grateful to work for such a brilliant team, really chuffed.

Emma Holmes, Community Care Assistant, ECL

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