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Due to the Covid-19 situation, our Community Equipment service has seen an increase in orders, including same-day requests to provide essential, specialist equipment to the community. In order to meet this growing demand, the team have rallied together to operate a new 7-day service, and to support them with this, 12 members of staff have been redeployed from their usual roles in our Day Opportunities service.

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As Trudi Foster, Head of Community Equipment, explains:

“During this high-pressured time for Community Equipment, I have been overwhelmed to see the extra lengths our staff force are going to in order to ensure we continue to run an efficient service. The team have all been really positive, and many are working additional hours and over the weekend, to enable us to operate 7 days a week.

“We’ve been very lucky to have not had many staff members go off during this period, and in order to support the service, we have 12 additional colleagues working with us who have moved over from their usual roles in ECL’s Day Opportunities centres. They have been a fantastic help; going out with our drivers to deliver equipment, as well as working in the warehouse, restocking, labelling and decontaminating items. Each of them has been truly amazing, and they have all quickly become valued members of the team.”

Suzie Knight and Debbie Raynor usually support customers with learning disabilities at ECL Woodlands, and have temporarily moved over to Community Equipment. Suzie says: “It’s nice to be able to do a job that is very much appreciated at this time.” Debbie adds: “I had no idea what was going to be involved, but I’m enjoying my time here, and it feels like we are really helping the cause.”

Lisa Ball and Lyn Gallifant have temporarily moved over to the service from ECL Chapter House. Lisa says: “I was keen to come here to find out about Community Equipment and I’m really enjoying being part of the team, doing a worthwhile job.” Lyn also says: “I love how everyone here has welcomed us. We have integrated into the team and have a real sense of belonging.”

Kay Drury joined the company as a Community Care Assistant at ECL Braintree last October, and is happy to support Community Equipment during this time, as she explains: “As I’ve only worked with the company for 6 months, I am embracing the chance to see another side of the business and I’m enjoying the opportunity to help in this time of crisis.”

Photographed is the team during their daily team meeting, where they are practicing safe distancing measures. And as a thank you for everyone’s hard work and dedication, Sarah Barnes, Warehouse Manager, personally gifted each staff member with an Easter egg.

Great work team!

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