ECL purchased a 'CardioWall' for their Customers several years ago and have been using it every day since. Based at the ECL Basildon - Asheigh Day Service, the CardioWall is used to provide an enjoyable and varied support programme for Customers with learning disabilities and / or autism.

"CardioWall is a pivotal part of our Customer's programmes as it helps them achieve their goals of improving physical, mental and social wellbeing." Amy

"The CardioWall is a versatile tool for training and functional fitness. Produced by the interactive fitness company Rugged Interactive. The system provides Customers with a fun high intensity workout and challenges them to stretch, reach, squat, balance, and keep focused on the tasks at hand." Amy Butler, Team Leader at ECL Basildon

CardioWall sessions are scheduled daily so Customers have the opportunity to play it alongside peers and staff. Group sessions (when covid-19 restrictions have allowed) have been a great way of encouraging teamwork, communication, and sharing. Similarly, 1:1 sessions allow staff to actively target areas of physical wellbeing and give their customers a physically demanding workout.

The three-core score-based games add adaptability and enjoyment and enable staff to set objectives for each session. It's possible to select a reduced playing area on the CardioWall (i.e. 5 pods only) allowing wheelchair users, or those with limited mobility, to also play uncompromised, which is advantageous compared to other exercise equipment.

ECL Basildon have a dedicated leader board to track scores which motivates the customers to improve week on week. It encourages healthy competition and staff also love to get involved to try and top the leaderboard, boosting staff enjoyment and morale.

Customer experience 1

Male customer taking part on the CardioWall.

This male customer has very limited mobility and has trouble moving his arms. Using the CardioWall Reach Extender accessory and the central 5-pod playing area, he is able to incorporate the CardioWall into his physiotherapy sessions. After a few months of regularly using the CardioWall he has been able to take part in more activities during the day and the movement in his arms has improved.

Customer experience 2

Female customer taking part on the CardioWall.

This female customer was very shy and withdrawn and refused to take part in any activities at the centre. After some encouragement from staff, she slowly started to take an active part in group activities on the CardioWall. As a result, she has become more confident and physically active, while developing good relationships with peers and staff.

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