Dedication on the front line - Donna and Emilie

We have already been hearing some amazing stories about the lengths our front-line workers are going to in order to support ECL’s essential care services.

In North Essex, one of our Healthcare Assistants, Donna Annand and her daughter, Community Care Assistant, Emilie Findlay, have been taking extra measures to ensure that they are able to continue in their key roles during this challenging time.

Donna’s son, Ryan, falls into the Government’s high-risk category as he has had a full organ donation and is on immunosuppressive medication, so he is having to isolate. In order to shield him from any potential infection, while continuing to support our customers full-time, Emilie has made the decision to temporarily move out of the family home and stay with friends.

Donna is also taking all of the necessary precautions to continue in her vital role by implementing strict infection-control in her home; removing her uniform at the front door, sterilising all surfaces, using separate cutlery and utensils and regular hand washing.

Donna says: “We believe it is important to carry on working in our roles as key workers, as many vulnerable, elderly people live alone and can't see their family. Along with ensuring their hygiene and diet requirements are met, for many, we are providing much-needed company.

“Emilie and I both enjoy our jobs and love being able to support our customers to live day-by-day and regain their mobility and independence. Protecting my son is paramount to my family, which is why Emilie is now staying with friends, and we will continue, as we always have, to follow full infection prevention guidelines and the advice from official government sites.”

Thank you, Donna and Emilie, for your hard-work and dedication!

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