Graham’s Journey to Recovery with ECL's Reablement Service

Thanks to ECL’s reablement services, Graham, who faced a health challenge after a stroke, was able to regain his confidence, regain his mobility and enjoy the hobbies he had to give up, and become chatty, like he once was.
Graham’s Journey to Recovery with ECL's Reablement Service

At the age of 79, Graham faced a significant health challenge when he experienced a stroke, which led to his hospitalisation.

Graham's health crisis left him bedridden, dependent on others for his daily activities. As part of his rehabilitation, Graham was referred to ECL by the hospital where he was receiving treatment.

He said: "I had a stroke and was bedridden. As a part of my rehabilitation, I was discharged from the hospital and given a 'care package' which included ECL."

His journey with ECL's Reablement Service spanned a six-week period. Initially, he required the assistance of two dedicated care workers who visited him four times a day.

Their primary focus was to support him in regaining mobility, stability, and maintaining personal hygiene.

Over time, as Graham made progress in his recovery, the frequency of visits decreased, and he eventually needed just one care worker to visit him once a day.

During the course of his engagement with ECL, Graham received vital assistance in various areas.

Care workers played a crucial role in helping Graham regain his ability to move around safely.

They worked diligently to ensure Graham could maintain his balance and reduce the risk of falls and provided necessary support to help him maintain his personal hygiene and well-being.

One of the most significant aspects of Graham's journey was his remarkable transformation from a quiet and dependent individual to a confident and independent person.

When we first started going in to see Graham he needed double handed care. He was very quiet and lacked confidence.

Gradually Graham became more confident as we encouraged him to be more independent. He is now able to mobilise using his frame independently. By the time our service ended he was able to manage his personal care tasks independently and was a lot chattier with us.

Stella Rowe, Graham's Community Care Assistant

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