Community Care Assistant, Fran Henry, has been working in ECL’s Older People service at both Highfields and Charles Dickens for nearly a year. When, due to the COVID-19 situation, she and her team were informed that the company’s Reablement service was understaffed, she kindly stepped-forward to provide her support.

“Now is the time to be using our skills to help our local communities.”

Thanks to Fran and our other staff members who have agreed to move into these key frontline roles, we are able to continue to provide our essential services to the community during this challenging time for the social care sector.

As Fran explains: “I love my job as Community Care Assistant, and when I heard that, due to the COVID-19 crisis, there were staff shortages in our Reablement service, I wanted to help. I know how important the service is to those in the community, so I was happy to transfer my skills across and take a temporary role change to support the team.

“In just the few days that I’ve been working in Reablement, the team have all been so welcoming and supportive. At first I felt nervous about starting a new role, but I had some initial training on the CACI devices that the team use, and realised that staff are equipped with all of the information we need to carry out our visits, such as customer notes and directions etc.

“Through working with the service, I’ve been able to meet some really lovely people and it’s so rewarding to know that I’m able to help those that are especially vulnerable during this time. Some of the customers I’ve visited have been so grateful to see a reassuring face in their home.

“I’d definitely recommend my fellow colleagues to do what they can to support the service - now is the time to be using our skills to help our local communities.”

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There are few jobs more rewarding than a career in care. At ECL we look for people who share our values and passion, along with our commitment to make a positive difference to people’s lives through our community home care support service.

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