Sharing information

We use a range of organisations to either store personal information or help deliver our services to you. Where we have these arrangements there is always an agreement in in place to make sure that the organisation complies with data protection law. Before entering into a new contract or before we change the way we use and share information we will complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to ensure we protect your privacy and comply with the law.

Sometimes we have a legal duty to provide personal information to other organisations. Such as for the purpose of our services which are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, we are required to provide personal information about the people who use the service and the staff who work in the service.

We may also share your personal information when we feel there is a good reason and that is more important than protecting your privacy. This is not routine, but we may share your information to:

  • In order to find and stop crime and fraud; or if there are serious risks to the public, our staff or others.
  • To protect adults who are thought to be at risk, for example where there is a safeguard enquiry and need to inform the Local Authority and in some cases the Care Quality Commission or the Police.

We will also try to discuss the sharing of your information and where possible seek your permission to let others know before doing so, but in some circumstance we will still share the information if we believe the risk is serious enough, or we may have to share information immediately without discussion where the risk is great.