ECL services

We provide high quality social care services aimed at wellbeing, prevention and increasing independence. We specialise in delivering flexible and responsive support within the home and in local communities for people requiring reablement services, older people, adults with learning disabilities and people with sensory impairments.

Older people

We understand that as you get older you may need additional support but maintaining your independence and integration with the community is vital.

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ECL Sensory Service

Our sensory service supports people who have a sight loss, hearing loss or combined sight and hearing loss, to maintain independence and dignity in every aspect of daily life.

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ECL Reablement

Reablement services provided in Essex, West Sussex and Havering supporting people to regain independence in their own home after a spell of ill health.

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ECL Community Equipment

As one of the country's leading equipment suppliers, ECL Community Equipment offers a wide selection of specialist items to support mobility and safety within the home.

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Clinical team

Our clinical team works with all customer groups, with a specific focus on customers with complex physical, sensory, behavioral and/or communicative needs and older adults.

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