ECL Community Equipment

As one of the country’s leading home healthcare equipment suppliers, ECL Community Equipment offers a wide selection of specialist items to support home mobility and safety.

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Requesting equipment

If you need equipment, a referral will be made by a health or social care professional who will contact the service.

If you live in Essex and need to contact social care to discuss your needs, contact Essex County Council on 03456 037 630 or visit

Return or report broken equipment

Enquire now if you need to contact us about returning an item of equipment or would like to find out more about the service.

Last year alone we supported over 30,000 customers, all from our extensive warehousing facility in Witham.

Our assessment technicians can work with you to identify areas in your home where you might need additional support. This can be things like hand rails to help you move around more freely, chair height adjustments, concrete half steps or even more complex assistance requirements such as bath lifts. We'll work with you to identify problematic areas and then work towards solving those. Often, the equipment we carry on board can be fitted there and then while we're completing the assessment. If it can't be, we can organise a return trip or refer you to the appropriate service who will come and install the equipment in your home.

Our range of telecare equipment, including personal alarms and sensors, will give you that extra bit of confidence about living at home independently, ensuring that help can be alerted when you need it, with monitoring equipment linked to your family or neighbours should anything be required.