Inclusive Employment - Candidate support

Your Inclusive Employment Consultant will support and guide you through the entire journey.

Back to topBefore employment

We will:

  • Complete a vocational profile to find out about; your personal goals and aspirations, what skills you have, and any previous paid or voluntary work.
  • Identify any barriers to achieving your dream job and put a plan in place to help you to get the skills, training and work experience you need.
  • Search for a job, show you which recruitment websites to look at and use our connections with employers to see which opportunities exist.
  • Create a CV, covering letter and complete job applications.
  • Practise your interview techniques.
  • Ensure any additional requirements for the interview are met.

Back to topOnce you have been offered a job

We will:

  • Organise any required assistive technology, specialist equipment, workplace adaptations, healthcare arrangements or work systems at your place of work.
  • Familiarise you with the work and workplace e.g. building layout, facilities, daily routine, new manager, and work colleagues.
  • Ensure you have a work buddy who can help you with day-to-day matters at your place of work.
  • Plan and practise your journey to work.

Back to topDuring your employment

We will:

  • Closely support and guide you during your induction period (the first few weeks of your new job) and beyond. They will be excited to hear about your experiences, good and bad!
  • Be at the end of a phone for you to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Liaise with your employer to ensure yours and their needs are being met.