Inclusive Employers

ECL and Essex County Council are collaborating on a new ground-breaking project helping adults with learning disabilities and autism to achieve aspirations of paid employment.

Female ECL customer with downs syndrome with her work colleagues at her new job at Geek Retreat in Chelmsford.

Who we are and what we do

Over the last 10 years, we have grown to offer a wide range of specialist services and are now the largest care provider in Essex.

At ECL, we strive to encourage employers both regionally and nationally to realise the benefits of becoming an Inclusive Employer.

  • Lower sickness levels

  • Stay in entry level jobs longer

  • Enhance employer reputation

  • Loyal and reliable

What is Inclusive Employment?

ECL’s specialist Inclusive Employment team strive to open-up paid employment opportunities for candidates with learning disabilities and autism. Our team place talented individuals in roles to enable them to improve their skill set and achieve their goals of becoming more independent.

We support our candidates during the interview process, induction period, provide on-the-job coaching and vocational training at no cost to our employers.

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Geek Retreat

Geek Retreat

Geek Retreat is a vibrant cafe venue in Chelmsford, where you can meet, eat, trade, and game in all things geeky.

  • Published: 10th June 2021