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We understand that leaving the familiarity of school and transitioning to the adult world can be an anxious time for young adults with learning disabilities and autism, and their families.
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At ECL, we aim to offer a personalised, post 18 experience that feels as familiar and supportive as school, whilst offering exciting opportunities to broaden your horizons and progress towards your goals.

We can help you to plan and make informed decisions by providing information and guidance on the issues that surround becoming an adult, such as accessing social care funding and the court of protection.

What is meant by ‘Transition’?

Transition has historically referred to the planning that takes place to support a young person with special educational needs and/or disabilities to move into adulthood (age 18). This could include areas such as further education, employment, independent living, health, and community inclusion.

If you have an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP), planning for the future is made easier through transition reviews at your school or college. Transition reviews start in year 9 and will often take place at the same time as the annual review of your EHCP.

Transition is also the process of moving from children’s health or social services, to adult social care.

Opportunities for school leavers

At ECL we offer several different options that will allow you to fulfil your potential:

  • An Inclusive Employment programme to support adults with learning disabilities and/or autism that want to work, to get paid employment.
  • Day Centres for adults with learning disabilities and autism for those with more severe or profound learning disabilities, where you will have the opportunity to develop new skills, form friendships, and take part in local social and leisure activities to help build your confidence and increase your independence.

Whatever pathway you follow within ECL, your journey will be personalised and regularly reviewed to provide the right level of support to help you achieve your goals.

Customer journey

Learning disability customer journey
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Our approach

Early engagement is key to a smooth transition, so we will plan together with you, your family, school, and clinical team, to ensure everything is in place for you when you join us.

We will discuss with you what your goals and aspirations are and work with you to create a person-centred plan to achieve them.

In your final years at school, we will get to know and provide taster sessions so that on your first day at ECL, you are already familiar with us.

If you are used to receiving clinical support such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Behavioural Support, or Speech and Language, our in-house clinical team will ensure your treatment plans and support strategies can be continued seamlessly.

Similarly, our highly skilled staff will be ready to continue supporting you with any specialist technology or equipment that you have been using, visual supports can be implemented, and staff trained and ready to support you with it.

If you have been following training programmes and qualifications such as ASDAN or City and Guilds, you will be able to continue these at ECL.

If you want to plan for a fulfilling future after school, contact ECL – we will be delighted to offer you guidance and support.

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