Assessing your sensory needs

We provide comprehensive assistance tailored to meet your specific requirements, and with our highly trained team, we supply support essential to your unique needs.

About us

Our team, a quarter of whom are sensory impaired, also have training and considerable experience of working with people with additional disabilities such as dementia and learning disabilities. We work in partnership with local and national voluntary organisations as we know that working together delivers the best possible outcomes for our customers.


We are dedicated to ensuring that you can access the correct information, advice, and support.

To achieve this, our customers and professionals can send their referrals for sight and hearing support, through different accessible means.

We then direct you to the right service within ECL or to one of our partners.

If you will require support with your hearing, we might help you with doorbells, telephones, and smoke alarms to support your safety within your house.

We could also provide house markers, which will help you use your cooking equipment, recognise items, or move around the house if you are visually impaired.

We received a very quick response to our initial referral and when arranging the first home assessment. Sonia was extremely knowledgeable, professional and understanding. She stayed for two hours providing an extremely comprehensive assessment.

Mrs A, Rayleigh


If you are referred into our service, we will offer you a face-to-face home visit where we can discuss your needs with you and provide you with appropriate advice, support, and equipment.

Our visit, which would include looking at your ability to use and access your day-to-day house items or equipment, could take as little as one hour or several visits at a pace that suits you.

We will support any communication needs you may have and ensure you are in control of the discussion and outcomes throughout.


Working in-line with national guidance such as the RNIB Outcome Framework – Seeing it My Way, we would seek to ensure that you:

  • Understand your eye and / or ear condition and assistive equipment used such as hearing aids.
  • Understand the registration processes available to you and associated benefits.
  • Have someone to talk to.
  • Can look after yourself, your health, your home and your family.
  • Receive the statutory benefits, information and support that you need.
  • Can make the best use of the sight and or hearing that you have.
  • Can access information making the most of the advantages that technology brings.
  • Can get out and about.
  • Have the tools, skills and confidence to communicate.
  • Have equal access to education and lifelong learning.
  • Can work and volunteer.

We also provide a questionnaire at the end of our process, to ensure that our services provide the best support to our customers.