Sensory awareness training

An invaluable opportunity to learn directly from those living with sight and hearing impairments and deafblindness. Our trainers encourage participants to explore any preconceptions they may have, ask the awkward questions and ultimately instil confidence and break down barriers.

We have a range of courses available – full of half day. You can book a whole course for your organisation or individual spaces on our regular sessions, and we can train at your location or ours.

Courses covering sight, hearing and dual sensory loss:

  • Lived Experience Sensory Awareness
  • Sensory Champion training course
  • Virtual Sensory Experience
  • Bespoke sessions to suit your needs

Additional courses at intermediate level:

  • Lived Experience Visual Impairment Awareness
  • Lived Experience Hearing Impairment Awareness
  • Lived Experience Deaf Awareness
  • Lived Experience Deafblind Awareness

We can also deliver presentations and workshops to groups or conferences.

Please contact us to book onto a course or discuss your needs.

“A very beneficial course that I found very interesting and useful. I especially like that we can keep in touch for further training.”

“What a great course, I came in feeling very unsure, I’m now more aware and confident.”

“It was wonderful to attend a course that had a human (and canine) element. Annette helped me to understand not just learn facts. There was no “death by powerpoint.”

“Feeling more empowered and have learned so much more than I expected today.”

“A very interesting thought provoking training session. It has made me see people with sensory impairments differently and how to help them.”

“Thank you very much to the 3 presenters for sharing their experience and Winston the dog and role of guide dog. This was ‘real’ learning and such a privilege to attend.”

Sensory Champions – 2020

Did you know that 1 in 30 people in the UK have a sight impairment and 1 in 6 have a hearing impairment?

This means that no matter what services you deliver or where you work, you will inevitably be interacting with people with a sensory loss.

Sensory training

About our training

Our trainers are Fiona Potter, Jill Murray, Carly Waters and Annette Bodsworth MBE and together with a fabulous group of sensory impaired volunteers they have developed ‘Lived Experience’ Sensory Awareness Training in a suite of courses designed to engage people with the lives of those with sensory impairments.

They cover subjects including:

  • The causes and effects of sensory loss
  • Communication methods and equipment
  • Barriers to independence
  • Rehabilitation and mobility
  • Specialist daily living equipment
  • Independence, well-being and social inclusion

We offer bespoke training sessions varying from half day to full days, to meet your needs and open courses are available throughout the year and cover all three sensory impairments, sight, hearing and dual sensory.

Training is available either in your workplace or at our training rooms in Chelmsford and includes practical, simulated and communication exercises.

“It was very good, and the insight into the lived experience of people living with sensory impairment. Academic knowledge was priceless.”

“The lived experience is very useful. It gives a better experience and the learning is more valid.”

“Really enjoyed the lived experience element, this really promoted my learning and awareness.”

“Practical session regarding lip reading very good, gives more insight into how this is for people.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable! Exceptional training!”

Essex County Council Social Workers – 2020

Who is this training for?

Whether you work in a Hospital, Bank, Supermarket, Care agency or Sports Centre this training is for you.

Our courses are aimed at any public facing service provider or designer from service commissioners and business managers through to care workers from any setting such as health and social care, voluntary organisations, residential care, housing or transport providers.

Bespoke courses delivered include:

  • Sessions tailored for Essex Police and Essex Fire and Rescue Service.
  • Essex County Council Social Workers and call centre staff.
  • Multidisciplinary hospital staff.
  • GP Practice training.
  • Residential Care staff training.
  • Boots the Chemist staff.
  • Sports and activity centre staff training.
  • Half day sessions for Essex County Councillors and District Council staff.

“It truly was a privilege meeting you all today. It opened my eyes up to understanding those who are impaired in different ways. Thank you for the experience.”

“Thank you for coming in and sharing your experience and also a wealth of knowledge.“

“I found the course both interesting and eye opening. Very fun/interesting input, very helpful.”

“The training Is effective and informative. Really beneficial to have someone with life experience.”

Essex Police Officers – 2019/20