Sensory Champions

Our Sensory Champion project was piloted in North Essex and is now rolling out across the county to health, social care and businesses.

An incredibly informative learning session, well run in a relaxed and friendly environment. Will definitely recommend colleagues and friends to attend.

Sensory champions

While the focus is on health and social care staff, anyone can become a Sensory Champion through training and linking in with our team and local sensory services.

Excellent course especially the lived experience. Thank you. I really enjoyed this course. It was good to expand my learning. It was also amazing to hear Annette’s Journey.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Better support people who have sight and hearing impairments.
  • Increase identification, referrals and signposting to sensory services.
  • Improve access to health and social cares services.

We provide Sensory Champions with training, regular information bulletins, events and a free tote bag with sensory information and in which further information and equipment can be kept.

If you are interested in becoming a champion within your workplace or organisation please contact us.

Very good course with a lot of information and exercises. Excellent well delivered informative and interesting all the way through. Very well run and informative course which gives just enough information on each subject.