Sharing of needs

All applicable organisations should include information about individuals’ information and communication support needs as a routine part of referral and handover communication, and as part of other data-sharing processes with other professionals and services involved (or soon to be involved) in an individual’s care.

Information as shared should be formatted in line with relevant Read v2, CTV3 or SNOMED CT codes or using the associated ‘human readable’ definitions /categories.

All information-sharing as part of this Standard should utilise existing data-sharing processes, including following existing information governance protocols and processes for the obtaining and recording of patient / service user consent.

Information about individuals’ information and / or communication needs should be included as part of referrals both within and between organisations, including (but not limited to) referrals from primary into secondary care, transfers and handovers between wards or units, and discharge from an inpatient setting into the community.

Data recorded as part of this standard should be included (with consent) as part of shared and integrated records, and using existing systems for the sharing of patient information with other services such as the Summary Care Record and NHS eReferral Service.

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